The EPA and their “1.5 Million Jobs”

It certainly is reassuring to know that the people at the head of massive government organizations are highly qualified, intelligent and extremely capable of being completely out of touch with reality. I was reading the Wall Street Journal when I read an editorial by the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lisa Jackson, that made my jaw drop.

But hey, we can’t start with Mrs. Jackson before making a few shout outs!

  • To the dependable Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson, who asked a NASA scientist if the Mars rovers will visit the flag that Neil Armstrong planted.
  • The inspiring Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who insists that sending unemployment checks is the best way to stimulate the economy.
  • The incredible Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson, who worried that sending more troops to Guam would cause the island to flip over.

Now back to Lisa Jackson, whom President Obama appointed to lead the EPA. She starts off strong, noting that the EPA helps protect our environment and natural resources such as water and air. Of course, no one is really arguing that factories should be able to dump their waste into our water system anyway.

But what blew my mind is when Mrs. Jackson started claiming that government regulations not only had no negative impact on the economy, but actually helped create 1.5 million jobs! I know Mrs. Jackson is desperately trying to make the argument why the EPA should regulate the air that you’re breathing out, but that is like saying the criminal industry helped create the 883,600 jobs in law enforcement.

So go ahead and smash a few windows! You’ll not only create police, judge and jail guard jobs, but also stimulate the glass industry!

To repeat, government can almost NEVER create jobs that grow the economy. Their purpose is to maintain it and to keep things running smoothly. Any extra and they are basically stealing manpower and resources from the rest of the economy.

But at least we can trust them to make intelligent laws that are in our best interest.


One thought on “The EPA and their “1.5 Million Jobs”

  1. Your article was quite an eye opener. It is like also saying that people should purposely not take care of their health so that the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies can continue to have jobs.

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