Don’t like gay “marriage”?

I just saw the following posting by a friend on Facebook that has been getting a lotta ‘likes’:

Comments included:

“Love this!”

“This is good . . . surprised U posted it though! LOL. ;-)”

“Don’t like sharks with lasers on their head? Don’t f*** with Dr. Evil . . . “

I myself would have cheered “You go girl!” if I wasn’t painfully aware where this line of thinking takes you. Why don’t we add a few more lines from the real world to this girl’s insightful post?

Don’t like pedophiles? Don’t be one. Don’t like polygamy? Don’t be in one. Don’t want to be indoctrinated about gay history in school? Don’t live in California. Don’t want to help gay couples get adoptions? Don’t help any kids get adopted. Don’t want to be fired from your job? Don’t write against gay marriage. Don’t like bestiality porn? Don’t click on any of the 1,690,000 Google results for it. And no, I’m not going to give you a link to some.

And just for fun, let’s add a few more that my liberal-leaning friends might hate me for:

Don’t like the death penalty? Don’t kill anyone. Don’t want to be lied to? Don’t listen to a speech by President Obama. Don’t want “comedians” discussing on HBO how they want to have “hate sex” with you? Don’t run for president as a Republican. Don’t want to be hated by all the snobs in the world? Don’t leave a small tip. Don’t like my tip? Well. . . don’t be a waitress. 🙂

Put any other good “don’t” statements you can think of in the comments below.