Feeling Sorry for Lady Gaga

Watching Lady Gaga sing in Times Square to close out the year 2011, I just can’t help feeling sorry for her. Not feeling sorry as in let’s-all-pass-around-the-hat-and-pitch-in-a-few-bucks-to-help-her-buy-some-decent-clothes kind of sorry.

It’s the sorry that she has to do these types of things to make it big in our society these days. There’s no question that she is a good singer and talented songwriter. (Honestly, how often do you get both these days in pop music?) Despite that, she was still destined to live in obscurity in other people’s shadows. Why? She is just too darn ugly.

Hold on, I’ll take that back! Being ugly is what is making her popular now. Back when she was just Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she was actually just too plain looking. Here’s a picture below. So in order to make it, she has to become a freak show so that people will listen to her music.

If Lady Gaga was born pretty like . . . let’s say Taylor Swift . . . do you think her style (can dressing up in window curtains be called a style?) would still be the same? Maybe she would be writing more love songs and sing about finding her Romeo instead of insisting she was “born this way” as an excuse for dressing up in Kermit the Frog dolls to get people’s attention.

So instead of throwing a hissy fit the next time Lady Gaga decides that her shower curtain would make a great dress, maybe we should all silently contemplate the depths a plain-looking female has to stoop to in order to sell music. After all, if Lady Gaga was an ugly dude (I know, there have been rumors), all she would have to do is put on some big tinted glasses like Elton John and no one would care that he looks like a child molester. It also make me wonder, just how many other talented musicians are out there that can’t get a break just because they don’t look attractive enough or, (in the case of Lady Gaga) aren’t willing to look like complete psychos in public? It’s not like we care how people look like on the radio anyway.

Poor Lady Gaga. Visit me and I’ll show this great place that sells jeans and t-shirts that even you can afford on your $90 million income. We all pitched in a few dollars to help out.


3 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry for Lady Gaga

  1. Without her “schtick” she would have been just another talented singer/songwriter who couldn’t break in to the biz. She actually has talent.

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