The Road to Hell is Paved with ObamaCare

In the past few years, there has been a debate in this country concerning ObamaCare. Democrats say this is a milestone in the road to finally getting everybody access to the healthcare they need. Republicans agree, ObamaCare indeed IS a milestone in the road paved with “good intentions” heading to you-know-where . . .

On one side, liberals, socialists and uninformed people (like most college students I meet) kinda like ObamaCare. Finally someone is sticking it to those mean insurance companies by forcing them to accept people with pre-existing conditions and letting them stay on their parent’s insurance till they’re 25! And since they get all their news from the Daily Show, these people laugh at those crazy Tea Party radicals when they complain that ObamaCare will destroy our healthcare system and bankrupt the country (kinda like Greece and the rest of Europe). Since Obama says his 2,700 page law will lower health care costs, it must be true! After all, the government does have an awesome track record with our money. It is only getting in debt to the tune of $150 million an hour! And besides, we all look forward to bringing the wonderful DMV-type workers to our hospitals and doctor’s offices.

So, who’s right? Well, since the news media was doing such an awesome job making sure that the American public stays ignorant of ObamaCare, the president was generous enough to take matters into his own hands and prove the conservatives and his critics were correct after all.

The Obama administration has recently decided that all insurance companies will now be forced to provide birth control, contraception and sterilizations . . . for free. What kind of government forces private companies to give out their products for free? (Hint: it starts with a “s” and ends with “ocialist“.) Or to put it anther way, Obama is forcing you to buy health insurance that is forced to pay for other people’s abortions and other ‘family planning’ services. What if you don’t need it? What if you believe that killing babies in the womb is morally wrong? “Don’t be a misogynist” Obama tells you smiling. “This is about women’s health. Now fork over your money and get this lady an abortion.”

How about the government makes insurance companies pay women’s grocery bills? Food is essential to women’s health. Housing costs must be covered as well. Can’t have women without shelter, despite all that global warming. After all, why not? Coverage for Viagra for child molesters and sex-change operations are already being mandated by ObamaCare anyway.

These kinds of government mandates naturally raise the costs of health care for everyone. So what about all that talk about ObamaCare reducing healthcare costs? It turns out it was never true to begin with. The real purpose has always been about power. Liberals were always hampered by the Constitution and its guarantees of liberty and freedom. Now all they have to do is tie a new law to “health” and they have full authority to reach into your bank account to pay off their supporters and to advance their “progressive” agendas.

Finally to top it off, Democrats have practically announced they think the American public is too stupid to know what’s going on. When Republicans introduced an amendment that would allow people to follow their religious convictions and conscience and opt out of paying for other people’s birth control, Senator Boxer (D-Calif.) said Republicans are trying to take us “back to the medical Dark Ages.” To what, three weeks ago?!

Sadly, this is just few of the 1,000+ reasons how ObamaCare is awful for America. Think the economy is bad now? Just see how this type of liberal/socialist/progressive system is working out for Greece.

Though it may shock you, I’ll be voting against Obama and all the rest of his Democrat cronies this coming election in November. No doubt the rest of the media will call me a racist. 🙂