What’s Happens After Gay “Marriage”?


So you changed your profile picture on facebook or twitter to be a red equal sign to show your support for gay marriage? Congratulations, chances are you pride yourself on being open minded and don’t think we should let other people’s personal views on morality stand in the way of people’s civil rights and happiness. You probably also believe that everyone has a right to left alone and has a right to establish their families as long as they don’t harm others.

Let’s say that the Supreme Court does change the definition of marriage. What happens next? As the slogan goes, “don’t be on the wrong side of history” and it is time to “evolve”. This implies that gradually we progressing as a society toward some ideal society/world. Did you ever stop and think about what this ideal world, the one the LGBTQIA movement is fighting so hard for, will look like? Fortunately, we don’t have to guess. It’s right there out in the open if you just know where to look.

Obviously, in this ideal society, gay marriage will be just as widely accepted as traditional marriage. No one is judgmental and trying to impose their religious or moral values on anyone else. Experts even believe that gay marriages can help strengthen heterosexual marriages as society evolves toward accepting more sexual freedoms. Although not yet well known outside of the LGBTQIA community, traditional rules such as monogamy have already been tossed aside as gay couples regularly have agreements to allow each other to have sex with other people.

Like the movement’s LGBTQIA name suggests, transgender and bisexuality will not judged as immoral or ‘weird’ in this ideal world either. Sex ed will start at kindergarten as it already has in many schools and all kids will be taught that there are many different types of families, there is no difference between boys and girls and they should explore their sexuality and discover if they are more attracted to boys, girls or both. After all, sex is what your body is and your gender is what you think you are. You might be a woman or you might be a man, or you might be both, switch around, or be neither. (this is called being bigendered, genderfluid and asexual). We will fully allow men who believe they are women to use female bathrooms and to take public showers with other little girls because no one is narrow-minded anymore.

The exciting thing is, after people shed their prejudices, our culture will discover a wide and rich sexual diversity that was previously forced to live in the shadows. For example, some people fall in love with their brother or sister. As long as they use birth control and no one is getting hurt, why should anyone try to stand in the way of their affection? You may not know this, but adult incest is already legal in OH, RI and NJ. The other states will soon follow their example, because everyone knows you can’t choose who you fall in love with and being with your soul mate is your civil right. Additionally, as any bisexual will tell you, sometimes you just were born being able to love multiple people. Are we really going to stop people from being with the people they love, even if it is more than one? As Jonathan Turley, a law professor for George Washing Univ recently said on NPR in defense of polygamy, “You cannot defend a new civil liberty by denying it to others.”

Sound exciting so far? Oh, it doesn’t stop there. In this ideal world, we wouldn’t allow a man-made invention like the age of consent get in the way of love either. The age of consent in Canada was 14 years old as recent as 2008. Why are we being so close minded in the US? Crazy Christians and their outdated bibles might label people pedophiles, but we all know that harmful slur is just like calling a gay person a “fag” or a “dyke”. As the American Psychological Association has said, consensual inter-generational sex is not harmful, but even beneficial for the child. Experts from Harvard and John Hopkins agree, adding that people don’t choose their sexual orientations and that pederasty has a long and rich history in many cultures. As Alfred Kinsley, the father of the Sexual Revolution and the award-winning feminist play “The Vagina Monologues” state, even child rape, if done properly, is a good rape and beneficial for the child. Though not currently well-known outside of the gay community, LGBTQIA organizations like the GLSEN have long been recommending cutting-edge school literature, where children as young as six are sexually active and kids learn that having sex with adults can be a great boost to their confidence and self-esteem.

The best thing about everything mentioned above is that there will be no organized disagreement. Any church that speaks out against gay marriage or anything mentioned above can have their tax shelter taken away from them. People and business that donates to a Christian or other intolerant group can and will be fired or put out of business while being kicked out of universities and cities. We don’t put up with racists today and gay marriage has already been called the civil rights movement of our generation.

Then there is the other ideal world. This is the one that the “old people who are slowly dying off” still believe in and are fighting for. In this other ideal world, there are strong families with one dad and one mom who are committed to each other for life. People with alternative sexual orientations are loved just like any other human being, but they keep their various lifestyle choices private. Laws are changed to allow people to choose who can visit them in the hospital and are granted other necessary benefits, but society still holds on to old traditional notions like having a mom is still important for kids.

In this society, we would be smart enough to take a look at history to see what happened whenever a civilization changed the traditional family structure and sexual freedom became normal. We would discover that when family values were strong the civilization flourished and when they started “evolving”, the civilization would collapse within three generations, never to rise again. With no exceptions.

So which ideal are you fighting for? Unfortunately, as the LGBTQIA movement has frequently said, there is no middle ground here. Either marriage is redefined or it isn’t. And you can’t stop there and draw a line in the sand saying no more because if you don’t keep evolving, you’ll just end up on the wrong side of history and be imposing your own morality on other people’s civil rights.

As Robert Frost said so well, we are standing at a fork in the road with each path heading toward different ideal societies. It’s your choice which one you go down, and that will make all the difference where we end up.


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