The 6 Dumbest Arguments about Transgender Bathroom Laws

Welcome to Burn Adams’s blog for Tier 3 liberals! Maybe you’re here because some dude posted a link on some random internet forum while there was a debate about transgenders and bathrooms. If so, it is likely because someone made a really dumb argument. Since most forums have a character limit, please scroll down to locate said argument and an explanation.

Dumb Argument #1: “So how will these strict bathroom laws going to be enforced? Are we going to station a police officer on front of every bathroom in the country to check people’s IDs?”

This argument is listed first because it is the most idiotic one by far. How in the world do people think these kinds of rules were enforced for the past couple hundred years? If a man entered a women’s bathroom he would be asked to leave by the women in there. That, or he would be screamed at with various objects thrown in his direction. If he refused to leave, the manager and then the police might be called.

Dumb Argument #2: “Don’t you realize that transgender people have been using the bathroom of their choice with no problem all this time?”

Although you would think this argument would be too stupid to be made, this is still brought up surprisingly often. If all transgendered people blended so well with their preferred sex, these kinds of laws wouldn’t be brought up in the first place. No one would even know this was an issue.

Dumb Argument #3: “What about the women who decided to turn into men and now look like a man?”


On the flip side of Dumb Argument #2, there are some transgenders who blend in with their new gender extremely well. You may have seen some pictures online of a woman who decided to become a man and is now sporting a full beard. The reason why this argument is so dumb is because these kinds of people are not and never were affected in any way by these bathroom laws. As mentioned in Dumb Argument #1, there is no bathroom police. If you look like a man, everyone will expect you to use the men’s bathroom. Period.

Dumb Argument #4: “Women are safe from perverts who would abuse open-access rules. There are already laws against voyeurism, sexual assault and rape.”

2/21/12, 2:30:54 PM -- Brookline, MA Illustration for story on peeping tom problem on campus. Photo by Cydney Scott for Boston University

This dumb argument is usually made when people point out that open-access transgender bathroom laws aren’t limited to transgenders at all. They grant all men the legal right to enter women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms whenever they want. The only requirement is that they say they identify as a female at that moment. Remember, NO ONE is legally allowed to question this.

The reason why this is a dumb . . . and extremely dangerous . . . argument is because voyeurism, sexual assault and rape are all crimes of opportunities. Guess what happens when men with ill-intentions have the legal right to enter private places where women and girls may be in various stages of undress? That’s right, more opportunities. Oh, and don’t forget that voyeurism has effectively been legalized. Any man can sit in a women’s locker room and simply watch young girls get undressed. He doesn’t even have to pretend to be transgender. This isn’t hypothetical. This behavior has already been tested in Seattle and legally approved.

What’s ironic about the people making this dumb argument is that they likely support background checks for people buying guns. What’s the point of having gun control laws if murder and robbery are already illegal?

Dumb Argument #5: “No one is going to lie about being transgendered so that they can expose their genitals, watch women/girls undressing, take showers, etc.”

While I’m glad that the people who make this dumb argument apparently live in a society that no one lies or has ill intentions, the rest of us unfortunately aren’t lucky enough to afford such naïveness. Every 107 seconds, another person is sexually assaulted in the U.S. 44% of them are under the age of 18. Sexual deviants like Christopher Hambrook have and will take advantage of these laws to prey on women.

Remember, we live in a society where a man can be forced to register as a sex offender for life simply because he urinated in public. It’s not necessary for a child to see anything or even be present. Let’s repeat, even the slight possibility of seeing a male genital during urination is considered so traumatizing to young girls that we have agreed to convict the individual with a sex crime and then bar him from living or working within 2000 feet from a school for the rest of his life (laws vary by state).

Unless . . . he says he is a transgender?

This sex offender can now legally urinate three feet away from little girls and the only criminals now are the ones who feel uncomfortable with this. He can proudly walk completely butt-naked in a locker room and shower with other young girls with the comfort of knowing that no one can legally say they’ve been traumatized because he said the magic words “I’m transgender”. Again, this is not hypothetical. This behavior has been legally tested and approved. Here is another example in New York.

Dumb Argument #6: “Who cares if transgenders use whatever bathroom they want? Bathrooms have stalls and I never look around to see people’s genitals.” or “I was raised to ignore other people in the bathroom.”


Ah, the classic “head in the sand” argument. As mentioned above, while you may indeed be a good person, we happen to live in a world where not everyone is as well intentioned as you are.

The reason why this is listed as a dumb argument is A) it’s naive and B) this issue is much more far-reaching that just bathrooms. Thanks to the Obama Administration, any man in college can say he is a female and universities are legally required to let him become roommates with young college girls. It is also illegal for the school to notify his female roommates that the person they’ll be sharing a tiny room with for a year is biologically a man.

These rules apply to athletics too. Schools are now obligated to allow students to join whichever gender team they prefer. Since men have a natural physical advantage over women in many regards, transgenders will likely become the star athletes on women teams.

Not even speech is safe. In New York City, you can be fined $250,000 if you don’t address a transgendered individual by their chosen pronoun (him, her, zir, hir, eir, vis, etc.). Canada is moving to make even criticizing transgenders a hate crime. For example, this blog post would be enough to land me two years in prison. I’m not joking.

In summary, these transgendered “bathroom” laws have huge consequences as the legal distinctions between men and women are ripped to shreds. To argue otherwise is very, very, dumb.