Welcome to Burn Adam’s blog for Tier 3 liberals!

“What are Tier 3 liberals?” you may ask? Over the years, I’ve noticed that people on the left generally fall into three categories.

Tier 1 liberals are the leaders. They know exactly what they’re doing but may lie about their agenda to make it more palatable to the rest of us. For example, they hate Christianity, want to rip away all sexual standards and believe the government has the right and the duty to control everything and anything. This blog isn’t for them because we have completely different beliefs of what is right and wrong.

Tier 2 liberals are locked into the liberal ideology because their lives depend on it. These include many government welfare dependents and many union members. This blog isn’t for them either because it is practically impossible to convince someone of something when their livelihoods depend on them believing the opposite.

Tier 3 liberals are everyone else. After all, liberalism is the default belief system for most people growing up. Me included. It doesn’t require you to take a stand in anything and it’s far easier to “just go with the flow” of what is currently politically correct. No hard choices or thinking is asked of you. More money for poor people? Sure! Raise taxes on the rich? Ok! Raise teacher salaries? Why not? Free healthcare? Sounds good! LGBT laws? Let everyone do whatever they want!

This blog is for those Tier 3 liberals. Maybe, just maybe, facts, logic and a little dash of humor might be able to help a few people change their minds from the default liberal setting. It worked for me, maybe it will work for others too.


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